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ArcScape Landscape Services offers the full range of residential and commercial landscape services.


ArcScape has the expertise, the machinery and trusted supplier network to carry out almost any type of paving work, from paths to steps to entertaining areas.  From slate to concrete, paving is not only practical and low maintenance, it can add texture, colour and layering to a garden.

Retaining walls

Jeremy has many years experience in this area.  Generally, retaining walls are required for practical reasons, for example when a home has been dug into a hill; but can also create a wonderful feature to a garden using a range of materials from concrete blocks to wooden sleepers.


Adding a deck to a home can create extra living space and when covered with a roof, can be used at almost any time of the year.  ArcScape has designed and constructed a number of decks, from small courtyard patios to large wrap-around verandas.


Given the region’s dramatic climate shifts, selecting and maintaining the right turf is very important. Jeremy and his team can advise customers on the right kind of turf to suit their needs and specific weather conditions. For example, a garden which receives a lot of shade will require quite different turf to one that receives direct sunlight throughout the day.


From small manually operated domestic sprinkler systems to large underground automated systems for commercial properties, ArcScape has the expertise to install and maintain most irrigation systems.  Again, given the region’s dramatic changes in climate, water conservation and water saving ideas are taken into consideration.


ArcScape is happy to work with customers to select the right kind of plants to suit their needs and weather conditions.  Jeremy has developed a close working relationship with a select group of plant suppliers to ensure quality every time.  The team will improve and cultivate the soil prior to planting and follow-up with mulching.

Garden maintenance

ArcScape offers a full garden maintenance service, including mowing, weeding, spraying, hedging, trimming, irrigation and mulching. The company’s maintenance team has all the equipment and expertise required to keep a garden looking good year-round.

Commercial landscaping

Jeremy and the team have completed a number of commercial landscaping projects throughout the region for shopping centres and office buildings.  The team also offers a maintenance service for commercial properties.